Radchatagriengkai struggles with substitution process


Japan pulled off a remarkable comeback against Thailand

Tokyo, Japan, May 19, 2016 - Japan celebrated a most unlikely win, while Thailand called for changes to be made to the new refereeing technology following a cliffhanger finish.

Japan coach Masayoshi Manabe - “It was a very tough match. We survived by the breadth of our skin.”

“Thailand makes few mistakes and has quick combinations. Our serves didn't break them easily and that is why we had to struggle.”

“We expected to have struggles. That is why I put in four Olympic medalists in the third set.”

“I have decades in volleyball and it is very rare to have a game like this. We won in five sets and it gave a boost to the team.”

Thailand coach Radchatagriengkai K. “I would like to thank my players who gave their all tonight. We will give our best in the rest of the matches. These players are my heroines.”

“In my life something like this has never happened. I have been a volleyball coach for 20 years and never saw this.”

“I asked why the touch panels were not displaying member changes and I asked for a clarification and I was given a red card.”

“Then I asked again why the tablets were not displaying the members and got the second red card. It was very unfair to the Thai team. We play with sportsmanship. This judgment was not right. The match is over now and we have to accept the result.”

“The system should be reconsidered. We could not change players even though my players were in the changing area.”

Japan captain Saori Kimura - “Today I didn't play too well. As a team we were in a losing pattern. Thailand was moving the game.”

“We believed in ourselves until the end.”

Japan player Haruka Miyashita - “I began to tremble in the third set. My hands were shaking. But I was standing on the court at the end.”

“I know we have to win here or we can't go to the Olympics. Before the match the players and staff said we had to win today. This mentality helped us to win.”

Thailand captain Thinkaow Pleumjit - “I think this match will be memorable. Both teams showed great performances. I think it was unfair. We still have matches left.”

“I wanted the new system to be reconsidered. Teams are not used to using it. This system has caused mistakes in the game.”


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