Bonitta - We played as one today


Italy's Paola Ogechi made a major impact in the final set

Italian coach Marco Bonitta was very happy with his team’s cohesion, while Korean coach Lee Jungchul believed his team may have struggled to deal with the pressure of the event.

Italy coach - Marco Bonitta - “I’m happy with the victory, I’m happy with the way we won. We played as one today.”

“The first two sets were strategic. We kept our composure in the fourth set and got the victory.”

Korea coach - Lee Jungchul - “It's regrettable that we lost our first match. This could be due to pressure being felt.”

“We played better in the second half of the match. Hopefully we can play better in the next match.”

Italy captain - Antonella Del Core - “It was a tough match for two reasons. It was an early morning start and Korea plays with speed. 

“Kim was good on the high block. She is a good player.”

Italy player - Monica De Gennaro - “We knew Korea would play quick. Our young players brought us momentum in the fourth set. We will play all matches carefully.”

Korea captain - Kim Yeon-Koung - “Today was the first match and in some ways we could not play to our full potential. There are many matches to come and we will play our best.”

“My condition is OK. We hope we can get the aspects we need together to play better. We came here to go to Rio and that is our goal.”


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