Bonitta and Manabe - Dreams can come true


Italy is one of four teams heading to Rio

Tokyo, Japan, May 21, 2016 - Dreams can come true, Italian coach Marco Bonitta said after his team secured a place at this year’s Olympic Games, while Japanese coach Masayoshi Manabe said he was relieved his team had also qualified for Rio.

Italy coach Marco Bonitta - “Dreams come true. We had some tough moments tonight. I want to thank the players, they fought until the end.”

“I really feel strongly for my players. Now we can start talking about the Olympics.”

Japan coach Masayoshi Manabe - “We wanted to win to end tonight's game. Our mission was to make the Olympics and that was achieved so I am relieved.”

“Kimura's spikes were on fire. For the first time in a while I saw some flame coming out the back of Kimura”.

Italy captain Antonella Del Core - “To be honest, I am quite tired. We played until the end and did not give up. The volleyball was not very good, but we won.”

Japan captain Saori Kimura - “To be honest we wanted to win to top off going to the Olympics. It's good we made the Olympics with one game left.”


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