Guidetti - I saw a lot of good players in our team


Dutch coach Giovanni Guidetti was thrilled with his team's aggression and depth against Dominican Republic

Tokyo, Japan, May 18, 2016 - Dutch coach Giovanni Guidetti was excited to see the aggression and depth in his team, while Dominican Republic coach Marco Kwiek said his team has suffered through a lack of proper preparation.

Netherlands coach Giovanni Guidetti - “We played very aggressively. We were in trouble in the third set but got lucky with our substitutes.”

“This is the kind of victory that makes a coach happy because you see a lot of good players in the team.”

Dominican Republic coach Marcos Kwiek - “It's tough to talk after a game like this. Since yesterday our form is picking up. We will continue fighting in the last three matches.”

“I tried to use substitutes and other measures today but they didn't work.”

“There could have been more consideration given to the scheduling of this tournament. We had players abroad that returned and we didn't have much time to prepare.”

Netherlands captain Maret Balkestein-Grothues - “We controlled the first two sets with a good attack and serve. We lost a little bit in the third set.”

Dutch player Lonneke Sloetjes - “When we were behind in the third set we kept believing and had trust in our subs and they did a great job.”

Dominican captain Bethania De La Cruz - “The road to the Olympics is difficult and complicated now. We just have to try and play our own volleyball.”

Dominican player Brayelin Martinez - “We are getting better and getting our form back but at crucial moments we could not make the plays.”

“We didn't have enough time to prepare for this tournament. This is why are combinations are not good.” 


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