Guidetti - We can match it with the best in the world


The Netherlands will be going to their first Olympics since 1996

Tokyo, Japan, May 21, 2016 - Dutch coach Giovanni Guidetti said he was convinced his team will be able to compete with the best teams in the world at the Olympics, while Peru coach Mauro Marasciulo said the future is bright for his young team.

Netherlands coach Giovanni Guidetti - “I'm extremely happy and proud of the players and staff for the job they have done in one year. I'm just very, very happy.”

“I have pushed the team to play as quick as we can. We are learning about defence from Japan. We are trying to improve our defence.”

“These players can compete with the top in the world. They have the physical and mental skills to do it.”

“After we won the Grand Prix second group last summer, the Poland coach said we, "play defence like Japan, have power like Russia, and are fast like the USA."

Peru coach Mauro Marasciulo - “The Dutch team is strong with high potential. They played well with Serbia and China at the World Cup last year and are almost at the top level of volleyball in the world.”

“We had a chance yesterday to make the Olympics, but today we do not. We will keep our course for the future and try to return to traditional Peruvian volleyball.”

Netherlands captain Maret Balkestein-Grothues - “I still don't realize we have qualified for Rio. We were focused on the match. After the first set we were qualified but not everybody knew. After the second set, everybody did.”

Netherllands player Lonneke Sloetjes - “It doesn't feel like it is real. I think I need somebody to slap me. I'm very proud of the team and staff that we could do it.”

Peru captain Mirtha Uribe - “We struggled against the high block. We would not play our volleyball.”


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