Jungchul - Olympic qualification is significant in our 100th year


Nuekjang Thatdao is a star of the future for Thailand. She finished with 16 points against Korea

Tokyo, Japan, May 21, 2016 - Thailand coach Radchatagriengkai said his team had played well to beat one of the best teams in the world, while Korea were happy to have secured their ticket to an 11th Olympics in their 100 year anniversary.

Thailand coach Radchatagriengkai K. - “This was an excellent performance by my players. Korea is one of the best teams in the world. All their players have a high performance.”

Thailand captain Thinkaow Pleumjit - “We are doing our best in each game rather than focusing on going to the Olympics.”

Thailand player Guedpard Pornpun - “The first two sets we were not good. From the third set we could play through to the end and win.”

Korea coach Lee Jungchul - “We are very happy to secure the ticket to the Olympics. We achieved our goal, so in that sense, we got our result.”

“This year is Korea’s 100 year anniversary of volleyball, so this achievement is very significant.”

Korea player Lee Hyo-Hee - “It was very sad that we lost today, but I’m happy that we secured our ticket to the Olympics.”


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