Jungchul - Our team responded well to the Peru pressure


Korea's Yang Hyo-Jin was outstanding against Peru

Tokyo, Japan, May 20, 2016 - Korean coach Lee Jungchul was impressed by the way his team responded to the early Peru attack, while Peruvian coach Mauro Marasciulo was proud of his team’s performance.

Korea coach Lee Jungchul - “This was an important match. Peru's serve was heavy and strong in the first set. Our players fulfilled their roles from the second set. We learned how to respond to their attacks.”

Peru coach Mauro Marasciulo - “I am proud of the way we played today. We knew it would be difficult. We played perfectly in the first set.”

“Korea played a high-level game. We played well but must improve, especially our young players.”

Korea captain Kim Yeon-Koung - “Peru has improved from when we played them last year. We were caught flat-footed in the first set.”

“The tournament is getting physically tough, but we will keep fighting to get the ticket to the Olympics.”

Peru captain Mirtha Uribe - “We went for a win today. We knew the match would be difficult. In the decisive moments we could not get our act together.”

“Korea blocked especially well in the middle.”

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