Kwiek - Good to win, but we are still disappointed not to be going to Rio


Tokyo, Japan, May 22, 2016 - Dominican Republic coach Marcos Kwiek said he was happy to have another win, but still disappointed his team would not be going to Rio, while Korean coach Lee Jungchul said he wanted to give some of his players a rest after a long tournament.

Dominican Republic coach Marcos Kwiek - “I’m happy to get the victory. We are looking for the positives from this tournament. It was good we won in straight sets.

“It's disappointing not to be going to Rio. The World Grand Prix starts soon so I was exploring possibilities wtih the team today.”

South Korea coach Lee Jungchul - “With the lineup today I wanted to give rest to Yeon-Koung who is tired after joining the national team from the Turkish League with little rest.”

“Yang Hyo-Jin has elbow and back injuries and also needed rest. Plus I wanted to give a chance to the players who have not played much in the tournament.”

Dominican player Dharlenis Marte - “I’m happy we won today. I wish we had played like this from the beginning of the tournament. But we were able to win at the end of it.”

South Korea captain Kim Yeon-Koung - “The players who had not played got a chance today. It was a good experience for them.”


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