Radchatagriengka - Our fans have given us power and energy


Thailand Libero Piyanut Pannoy. The team alternated its Liberos against Kazakhstan.

Tokyo, Japan, May 20, 2016 - The Thailand team said they had put the events of Wednesday night behind them and were now focussed on finishing the event strongly, while Kazakhstan coach Shapran Vyacheslav said his team’s morale dropped early in the match.

Thailand coach Radchatagriengkai K - “The win today was good for confidence going into the last two games. The last two days have been tough.”

“Our players have a strong spirit and heart. I want to thank all the fans from Thailand and around the world who have sent their support to us. We really appreciate it.”

“The fans have given us power and energy.”

Kazakhstan coach Vyacheslva Shapran - “We have a young team. We came to participate and give experience to young players. Many of the players have never played against strong teams like Japan, Korea and Thailand.”

“We could provide no opportunities today for our spikers without blocks. The players lost morale after their spikes were blocked.”

Thailand captain Thinkaow Pleumjit - “We did not underestimate Kazakhstan. They are tall and have high blocks and strong spikes.”

“We are letting bygones be bygones (regarding Japan match). The match is in the past. We are using spirit and positive thinking and looking forward.”

“We are finding inspiration from the loss to Japan.”

Kazakhstan captain Radmila Beresneva - “As players we find it tough to lose game after game. The players are doing their best.”

“I wonder if we had more time to prepare if we would have done better here.”

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